For the Birds / Pour les oiseaux, a collective aeronautic sculpture garden
on display in the tree population on the premises of the Landesklinikum Hollabrunn
realised in 2019, commissioned by the Art in Public Space department of Lower Austria and the socio-psychiatric department of the clinic

an art project by Claudia Märzendorfer
closed competition by KöR Nö, 2018
opening: June 11, 2019


For the Birds / Pour les oiseaux is an art project in public space with many contributors:
a social project that from June 11, 2019 will be on display in the large tree population on the grounds of the socio-psychiatric hospital in Hollabrunn, which developed from the Sanatorium Gugging.

A group of international visual artists, writers, architects, and musicians who were invited by the artist Claudia Märzendorfer to participate, will create an aeronautic sculpture garden – an airborne Werkbundsiedlung. Their respective bird houses are individual contributions to a collective sculptural installation. An artistic reflection rather than a singular fixed structure.

To give visitors the chance to match names and contributions and to locate these, a map of the aeronautic sculpture garden will be available at the clinic to guide them around the premises.

The commissioners for this project are the Department for Art in Public Space of the Lower Austrian state government and the management of the Landesklinikum Hollabrunn.

A publication accompanying this project will be published by the Art in Public Space department of Lower Austria.
Through July 2019, authors and contributions to this collective project will be presented here.
Enjoy! Chirp!


For the Birds / Pour les oiseaux
an aeronautical sculpture garden with 40 bird houses by

Azra Aksamija & Dietmar Offenhuber / Dave Allen / Sam Auinger / Miriam Bajtala / Udo Bohnenberger / Catrin Bolt / Ruth Cerha / Regula Dettwiler / Judith Fegerl / Elektro Guzzi (Bernhard Breuer, Bernhard Hammer, Jakob Schneidewind) / Maia Gusberti / Johannes Heuer / Edgar Honetschläger / Rosa Hausleithner / kozek hörlonski / Rudi Klein / Simona Koch / Lotte Lyon / Claudia Märzendorfer / M&S Architects – Uta Lambrette / Maja Osojnik / Kunstkollektiv RHIZOM / Wally Salner / Peter Sandbichler / Hans Schabus / Toni Schmale / Ferdinand Schmatz & Annelie Gahl / Schnabl / Susanne Schuda / Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch / Carsten Stabenow – tuned city / Andi Strauss / Sophie Thun / Viktoria Tremmel / Anita Witek / Werner Würtinger

person on the keys: Jeanette Pacher